More  than  Spaghetti

Cooking  Class  “Parties”  with  Andrea  

 Great for a “Girl’s Night Out” -  Get your friends together and book a class.  It’s perfect for small groups!  

 learn how to make an Authentic Regional Healthy Italian Meal with ease -  sure to impress at your own gathering 

 Learning to cook is fun with More than Spaghetti

WHERE:   The instructor’s home (in Atlanta).

COST:  Approximately $75 per person with  wine pairing, depending on ingredient costs.  Individual lessons available  (additional charges may apply). 

 INCLUDED:  Sparkling Water,  Wine Pairing (optional), Printed Copies of Recipes and the Meal  

Fish is not Scary
Full Italian Meal (antipasto, primo, secondo, dessert)
Equipment 101- Great one for Brides
First Apartment  Meals
Pantry Ingredients
Winter Warmth
Breath of Spring
Light & Healthy
Bella Roma
Isle of Capri
Elegant Dinner Party
Romantic Dinner for 2
Just Desserts
Antipasto Party
Everything Formaggio- Cheese
Braised Meat & Polenta
Pasta Fresca, Made by Hand
Or Suggest a theme- the possibilities are endless!


With a focus on Regional Italian Meals and Eating with the Seasons  our philosophy is to let the Prima Materia  (the  ingredients) shine by enhancing  their flavors rather than covering them up.  This makes for simple preparations and delicious, very healthy meals!